When working on a website it can be sometimes very handy to have access to a console window(terminal) on the server. The problem is that you don’t get access to this on most of the hostings. By uploading this one file php script to your server you have a workaround and you’re ready to start executing some commands on the server. The commands that can be executed is depending on the server settings. This is the perfect script for all the commandline lovers  :).

Use for

  • Create compressed backups of directories and files
  • Browse through files
  • Remove files/directories
  • Create files
  • View file content
  • Change file/directory permission
  • Download file
  • Get a list of the running processes
  • Check if a PHP function is enabled on a server

Live Preview

The ussername for the live preview is admin and the password is admin.

Usage videos

Below you can view some video examples of how easy it is to use Terminal PHP script.


The installation of this script is very easy. You edit the user and password that you want to use for the terminal login. To do this you open the terminal.php file and edit line 14 and 15. Now you upload the terminal.php file to your server and your are ready to use the script.


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