Revolution Script - GPT/PTC Rewards Software

Revolution Script – GPT/PTC Rewards Software


The Revolution Script is a cool PHP Script that pays users for competing tasks/offers!

Users Can Earn points for each task/offers and can redeem their points for cash or gift cards.

You can earn Money by just hosting the script on your Server and the only Requirement is,
“The More Users you acquire : the more Money you make in this business!”.

The more users you acquire the more money you make and it requires very little maintenance as you are simply sending out PayPal Cash and Gift Cards. This is the only work that is required of this script!

Requirements :

  1. Hosting with php&mysql Support
  2. A Domain or Sub-domain
  3. RS USER DASHBOARD (Not Included )


We are always here to help you. Happy customer is the most important thing for us.

Are you interested? Check this out :

Live demo
Offline Documentation (included)

Take a Look at the Admin & user Panel :

User Panel Demo :

User Name : user22
password : 123456

Admin Panel Demo (Not Included ) :

User Name : admin
password : 123456

Get this Money Making Machine Now !!
Happy Earning !!
Happy Money !!

Updates :

v 1.2 – 23 Sep 2018

ADDED : Account Settings Page
ADDED : Added Postback file for AdGate Media
ADDED : Added option to change user password via Account Settings Page in User Dashboard
FIXED : Adblock detector issues on Mac Books
FIXED : Site Title on My Orders page in User Dashboard
FIXED : Some other Minor issues

v 1.1 – 28 Feb 2018

ADDED : New OfferWall (AdGate Media)
ADDED : Referral System
ADDED : Adblock detector
ADDED : Added Postback files with whitelisting the Adnetwork's ip Adresses
ADDED : Recent 5 Payouts in user dashboard
FIXED : Displaying Recent 5 Redeem Requests in Admin Dashboard 
FIXED : Total Redeem Points updation in User Dashboard

v 1.0 – 15 Jan 2018

-- Initial Release


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