Advanced PHP Template Preprocessor

Advanced PHP Template Preprocessor



In it’s most basic form, PHP Template Preprocessor can replace tags with values set in PHP, but it also has an advanced sort of “syntax” that you can use.

How to use

 echo Element("template.html", Array( "something" => "something" ));



You can specify the defaults for a variable, which are used when the value isn’t specified by the PHP script.


These are basically “if” statements.


You can parse an Array to the template, and make it iterate through it.


You can use arrays, infinitely, like so:


PHP Variables

If you enable this, you can access global PHP variables by using “{$something}”.


This script is optimized for performance. An average template shouldn’t take more than 0.001 seconds to process. That’s one millisecond! That time generally increases (slightly) as more tags and layers are added, but you will probably never see it go over 0.005 seconds (5 milliseconds).

Infinite recursion

You can add as many layers of tags as you want.

For example, you could use…


… And it would still be processed accordingly. There is no limit to recursion.


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